Quake auf einem Sinclair ZX Spectrum

Dieses Video zeigt wie die Quake Engine auf einem Sinclair ZX Spectrum läuft. Das Ganze ist eigentlich unmöglich aber wenn man bedenkt welche Technik in einem Spectrum steckt ist das beeindruckend!

This is a playable Quake engine with moving enemies running at impressive speed on a standard 3,5 MHz ZX Spectrum 128k. The engine also has support for 7 and 14 MHz. You play with W, A, S, D and cursor keys. Tap and Scl files is available in the download. In the video above is the 7 MHz version that has been played on an original ZX machine, as well as the other video running on a ZX Spectrum Next, 28 MHz. If that wasn’t enough to surprise you, this engine, even running at 3,5 MHz, totally beats the old Freescape engine that were used in the 80s games.

via Indy Retro Games

Youtube Direktlink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVFUl0gfH0w

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